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Mother of Love Farm

It was a retirement dream for pediatrician Tamer and voice instructor Şadan to live in nature. The day we retired we migrated to nature. We fall in love with 1.25 acres of forest land which you couldn’t walk in it. We cleaned the land without harming the trees as much as possible and build a small wood house and we start living like squirrels since 1 June 2007. Surrounding area is wooded and the distance from sea is about 3-4 km. We had a wood boat and its name was “Love”. On one of our trip with our boat “Love” we caught up with a storm. We had escaped death with an interesting story and we said this event was a sign to sell the boat “Love”. A cow pen owner wanted to buy the boat and he wanted pay the rest of the money with a calf. So boat of “Love” turned in to a calf. The name of the calf was “Love”. While the calf was getting bigger the farm was getting bigger. “Love” becomes a mother. A goat and her offspring joined the farm. Mother of Love Farm got bigger with a brave ram, sheep, chicken, goose and our horse “Blond Girl”.

Because there are lots of pine trees on the land, we cannot grow everything easily. Still we were able to plant almost every fruit tree. We use between trees and other empty areas to plant grass for animals. We grow vegetables enough for us form the seeds that we continue for a long time.
We have two bee hives. We try to work with non-toxic, natural ways to care for our garden. We do our own bread, cheese and yogurt. It is more than 1 year now we are organizing natural cheese and yogurt making, soap making from goat milk, felt making from wool of our lambs, non-toxic garden care and meditative voice workshops in our “Natural Life Workplace”.

We want our volunteers to support all these works. There is a separate room with two single bed, bathroom, toilet and kitchen in the garden. We share our food but if they want they can cook their own food.

Our farms location is next to a forest which is good for trekking, also only 3-4 km away from sea, 60 km away from Çeşme and İzmir, 20 km away from Urla Klozomenai and 30 km away from Seferihisar Sığacık Teos Historical City.

ALL YEAR LONG: Animal care, making cheese and yoghurt MAR-APR: Organic pesticide preparation, sowing seeds, pruning APR-MAY: Soap making with goat milk MAY: Planting seedlings, spreading manure, installing drip irrigation JUN: Installing drip irrigation, lamb shearing, washing and preparing the wool JUL-AUG: Picking and drying fruits, drying wool SEP: Vintage, wine making, pekmez (grape molasses) making, drying grapes OCT: Sowing the winter vegetable seeds

VISITING AS GUEST: Contact host to learn about contribution fee for accommodation.

When Can You Visit Mother of Love Farm ?
Volunteer Guest
Type of Tasks Gardening-Farming,Animal Care
Features Local Seed/Traditional Production,Eco-Friendly Architecture,Agriculture/Horticulture/Gardening,Traditional Crafts,Eco-Friendly Energy,Livestock Farming/Beekeping,Eco-Friendly Cleaning,Education of Ecological Living