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What is TaTuTa?

TaTuTa is the name of the project on "Eco-Agro Tourism and Voluntary Knowledge and Skills Exchange on Organic Farms", organized by Bugday Association for Supporting Ecological Living.

With TaTuTa, Buğday Association is the official member of ECEAT for Turkey, the national WWOOF organization of Turkey, and an accredited EVS organization.

WWOOF is a worldwide movement linking volunteers with organic farmers and growers to promote cultural and educational experiences based on trust and nonmonetary exchanges helping to build a sustainable global community.

What is voluntering / WWOOFing?

WWOOFing is voluntary help in exchange for food, accommodation and learning opportunities in organic farming. Volunteers collaborate on the farm with their labor, knowledge, and/or experience for the duration of their stay.

Visiting as a guest

It is also possible to visit as a guest. Guests give monetary support directly (without intermediary) to the farm to compensate the host farm regarding accommodation and rendered services. Guests are not required to work.

Registration fee:

There is a 30 Euro/person registration fee which gives you full access to all the farms in Turkey and the online directory for 1 year.